New salesman joins WFM

In May of 2016 (Glen Kirton) joined the sales team at Windsor Food Machinery.

Prior to this he spent over 35 years working in the meat industry,

Starting at the age of 12 he was rushing home from school to help his father make sausages at the shop he managed in Charing, before going into full time employment at the age of 16, he worked at Charing (R Marsh & Sons) until he opened his own shop (Glen Kirton Butchers & Bakers) in 1987 by converting an existing estate agents, which was also in Charing High Street. Glen ran this shop for over 18 years until he decided to spread his wings & so from the shop in Charing he went to manage Cooper & Sons Butchers in Aldington. This was a great shop with a busy trade that also had its own Abattoir attached.

When leaving Coopers, he went to central London to work, first in a brand-new venture that he helped to set up (The Natural Kitchen) this modern store offers the ultimate organic food store experience, the first store in Marylebone was set up in 2007 & they now have three stores in Central London all of which are flourishing.

From the Natural Kitchen he was lucky enough to move to manage Allen’s of Mayfair a fantastic business in the heart of Mayfair, serving local residents & supplying all the top London Hotels & restaurants with high spec products.

In early 2010 he moved work closer to home & joined J C Rook & Sons who operate 11 shops within the Kent area as well as a factory in Ramsgate, first he managed one of their stores but he then moved to managing the online part of the company which was growing all the time, the future of the butchery trade has to keep up with the on-line boom otherwise a great opportunity will be missed.

Mainca PR 360 Twist Linker

The new twist linker PR-360 is an excellent machine, which will undoubtedly mean a change for small & medium sausage producers. Make the most of your sausage filler with the help of this equipment.

Easy connection to any hydraulic piston filler/stuffer by means of a nozzle nut. No electrical connection is required.

The PR-360 portions & twists the casing at the same time the sausages are filled , saving precious time & skilled labour costs. In other words, a machine that pays for itself in a very short time.

The number of twists of the nozzle is fully adjustable as well as the nozzle speed & the portion size (from 15 gram to whatever you need).

Approximate production of 1 portion per second (up to 250 kg per hour).

Suitable for all types of meats, both fine emulsions & coarse minced products.

It works with natural, collagen, polyamide & cellulose casings.

Optional automatic hand to run fully automatically when using collagen casing.

Constructed in stainless steel 18/10 & polyethylene.

Complies with EC regulations Model PR-360.

The latest addition to our product range

The Reepack Reetray tray sealers have just been added to our product range. From the smaller Reepack Reetray 20 VGM tray sealer suitable for the retail butcher, right up to the Reepack Reeflex 250 tray sealer that would be suitable for the Industrial market. These tray sealers offer the flexibility to pack products under a controlled vacuum environment along with adding specific gasses to enhance the shelf life of the product. Fresh beef requires oxygen to be added to the package to enhance the bloom/colour of the beef and this is accomplished by the addition of a red oxygen pump to the machine. High oxygen packaging is achieved by vacuuming the residual air from the plastic tray then modified air is then flushed into the package before it is hermetically sealed. MAP modified air packages contain 80% oxygen & 20% carbon dioxide. The high level of oxygen allows for an extended period of bloom & the carbon dioxide prevents the growth of spoilage bacteria.

Beef packaged in high oxygen modified atmosphere would generally have a shelf life of 10 to 14 days for ground beef & 12 to 16 days for whole muscle beef cuts.

Welcome to our new Blog

Welcome to the Windsor Food Machinery blog. Here you will find useful information about new machines and products.

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