Meat Smokers & Dryers

Meat smokers and dryers allow you to cook, flavour or preserve meat, fish and other foods by exposing it to smoke from a burning material, which could be wood chips or dust. These machines make it easy to produce great-tasting food with little effort and the smoking technique means that, if desired, you can cook the meat without losing any of its flavour.

Meat smokers allow for either hot or cold smoking, giving all the food you cook that ever-popular and delicious smoky flavour. Cold smoking is perfect for enhancing the flavour of your meat, giving it a tantalising smoky taste without cooking the meat further. Hot smoking can be used to cook the meat and, depending on the temperature, then it may not need to be reheated before eating.

This wide temperature range of cold to hot smoking means that the meat can be treated to suit your needs. The meat smoker can cook your meat to varying degrees, it can add more or less smoky flavour, and you can affect how moist the meat remains (perfect for ham hocks). These versatile meat smokers are an effortless way of preparing stunning and flavoursome meat.


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