Leasing & Rental
Leasing & Rental

Financing your Equipment Purchase

The significant business benefits of buying essential capital equipment is now well proven! Therefore, WFM have worked exceptionally hard to guarantee that our customers receive the most competitive and flexible leasing, renting or hire deal available.

With interest rates now at historical lows the cost savings when choosing equipment finance to purchase your equipment, has never been better! However there are many other solid business reasons why finance is now the preferred accountants choice:-

  • Accelerates the return on investment = Pay back is immediate as leasing new equipment defers acquisition costs allowing profits to be enjoyed immediately.
  • Preserve working capital = Cash isn't tied up purchasing equipment in one hit. This unused cash can then be directed elsewhere to invest in your business as you see fit. 'Cash is King' in all businesses!
  • Tax efficient = All 100% of rental payments can be off-set against corporation tax!
  • Easy to upgrade = Leasing offers you flexibility to change equipment when the business demands it.
  • Fixed Costs = Rental payments are fixed and so facilitates accurate budgeting.
  • Another line of credit = Normally no other form of security is required to obtain leasing other than the equipment concerned.


Example Leasing Prices

Medoc Bandsaws  
Model Price per month based on 3 year lease
STL430 3PH £237
ST270 £79
ST320 1PH £93
STL350 1PH £162
STL350 3PH £153
STL390 3PH £192
Mesutronic Metal Detectors  
Model Price per month
MN07 £414
MN07 with auto reject £539
Talsa Bowl Cutters  
 Model   Price per month 
 K80   894.00
 K80 with unloader   1,033.00
 K120   1,096.00
 K120 with unloader   1,247.00
Foodlogistic Dicer  
Model Price per month
126 with outfeed conveyor £1,180
Model Price per month
FR300 £954
FR200 £765
MLK160 £1,956
MLK130 premix £1,378
MLK130L + loader £1,229
MLK130 £1,057
LM400L £807
LM1500L £2,359
PL300 + loader £798
PL450 + loader £817
PL900 £958
PL900 + unloader £1,181
Model Price per month
Cortex CB495/7K Slicer 200/300 £808
Model Price per month
4200 £869
4300 £946
4200F £1,280
5000 22kw £1,388
5000 15kw £1,324
Flaker £951
6400 £2,070
6600 £2,859
61000 £3,460
Thompson Tumblers  
Model Price per month
TM1000 £791
TM1500 £970
TM2000 £1,445
TM3000 £1,920
TM4000 £2,396


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