Omas Le Volano Heritage Slicer







Professional High Performance rotating sharpener. The blade is sharpened in total safety because it remains constantly covered thanks to the precise positioning of the shaepener and honing grinding stone. Two ring stops guarantee the correct positioning of the sharpener, with rotation through 180°, to achieve the best angle for first-rate sharpening. The single movement and double action of the two grinding stones ensure easy sharpening operations.




Great attention has gone into designing and testing the operator safeties and protections, making it the only flywheel slicer on the market with a 360° closed ring for total safety. A level on the left of the machine is used to move the ring. With the ring closed the machine can be sharpened and cleaned with no risks to the operator. This solution was invented by Omas and patented with patent number 13821949.8, to guarantee the uniqueness of our machines on the market. The foldable flywheel handle is not only a safety feature but helps to save space.




Cleaning made simple. We have finally resolved the problem that users of flywheel slicers have always had. The large space between blade and slicer structure allows users to clean the machine easily, quickly and with less effort, to guarantee perfect hygiene levels. All components that come into contact with the product being cut are in stainless steel and are easy to remove for cleaning in a dishwasher: clamp locking device, product holder and food holding tray. Moreover the easy to move safety blade ring guard lets users clean both sides of the blade all the way to the cutting edge with utmost safety.




Basic colours: traditional red, cream white and midnight black. The Heritage version is decorated with gold and black dateiling on the traditional red version, green on the cream white and silver on the midnight black version. The decoration, with the same colours, runs along the stand to complete the elegant finish


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Omas Le Volano Heritage Slicer
Manufactured by: Omas
Model: Omas Le Volano Heritage Slicer
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