Rob Hutchinson, Director, British Premium Meats - customise/upload/wfm/pictures/98_a.jpg

Rob Hutchinson, Director, British Premium Meats

“We’ve dealt with Windsor Food Machinery for over 20 years.  We have always found their service to be excellent and they have always given us the right advice on equipment for all our processing needs.  We recently upgraded our Thompson mixer grinders to larger models to cope with the growth of our business.  These are now being fed automatically by a Lakidis frozen block flaker via a flighted conveyor”.  The results have completely transformed our business”

Kind Regards


Andrew Edmonds, Owner, Bradwells Butchers, Norfolk. - customise/upload/wfm/pictures/115_a.jpg

Andrew Edmonds, Owner, Bradwells Butchers, Norfolk.

I have recently bought a new Henkelman vacuum packer and have been very pleased with it.

I bought it from Windsor Food Machinery a company I have used before, as I have found them to be both reliable and competitively priced. I also purchased a Thompson mixer grinder, burger machine and a derinder from them several years ago. These machines are both still working well today. I would recommend any fellow butchers to give Windsor Food Machinery a call.

Kind Regards


Keith Mullford, Director, Dennis Of Bexley - customise/upload/wfm/pictures/116_a.jpg

Keith Mullford, Director, Dennis of Bexley

“We’ve been using Henkelman vacuum packers, supplied by Windsor Food Machinery for over 15 years.  We use them in both our retail outlets as we have always found them to be extremely reliable, robust and easy to use.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Windsor Food Machinery to any forward thinking business because they supply excellent machines, they have immense product knowledge and the service support to back it up.”

All the best.


Julian Pickles, General Manager, Fairfax Meadow  - customise/upload/wfm/pictures/117_a.jpg

Julian Pickles, General Manager, Fairfax Meadow

Having worked with Tim and the team from Windsor Food Machinery now for a number years, it is key to be aware when you call WFM not only do you receive \'The Best\' service and support, with any machine purchase, from hand pressed burger forming machines to designing fully automated production lines.

You tap into a knowledge bank of experience of both the most modern up to date machinery and meat/food industry experience that can prove to be as valuable as the machine itself.

We at Fairfax Meadow now see Windsor Food Machinery as partners not suppliers....

Many thanks


Warren Bignall, Operations Director, Hensons. - customise/upload/wfm/pictures/118_a.jpg

Warren Bignall, Operations Director, Hensons.

We have had dealings with Windsor Food Machinery for the past 13 years and will continue to do business, as Tim Stuart and his team represent quality, reliability and have a vast amount of knowledge.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Tim who is always professional and accommodating to our needs and is able to supply the newest and most innovative machinery products while at the same time having a service team that is committed to the maintenance of the equipment to keep our production operating without breakdown.

I thoroughly trust Windsor Food Machinery to always offer the right equipment required as they are the epitome of customer service and would have great pleasure in recommending them to all that would listen!!

Bob Connell, Operations Director, Ims London. - customise/upload/wfm/pictures/119_a.gif

Bob Connell, Operations Director, IMS London.

We at IMS have dealt with WFM very happily for over 10 years and find them an excellent knowledgeable and obliging company always willing to help out on any issue in fact they recommended HENKELMAN VACPACKERS to us and we have purchased 6 over the last 2 years finding them great work horses and extremely reliable.


Jon Thorner, Managing Director, Jon Thorner’s Somerset. - customise/upload/wfm/pictures/120_a.jpg

Jon Thorner, Managing Director, Jon Thorner’s Somerset.

Both our vacuum packer and our mincer are used a massive amount every day and I am probably tempting fate but have hardly ever let me down and on the rare occasion they do WFM are always very prompt at getting us going again.

Both fantastic food machines that I would personally recommend.

Jon Thorner, Managing Director
Jon Thorner’s Somerset.

Danny Lidgate, Managing Director, C. Lidgate, London. - customise/upload/wfm/pictures/121_a.png

Danny Lidgate, Managing Director, C. Lidgate, London.

We have trusted Tim and the Windsor food Machinery team to help us buy the best, and most suitable machines for our business over the past 20 years.”

Kind regards


Stephen Cook, Managing Director, Walter Rose & Son, Devizes. - customise/upload/wfm/pictures/122_a.jpg

Stephen Cook, Managing Director, Walter Rose & Son, Devizes.

‘We purchased a Thompson Mixer/Mincer from Tim and the team at Windsor Food Machinery some years ago now. This piece of equipment has become a vital part within our manufacturing room during the production of burgers and sausages. We were and still are amazed at how reliable the unit is and how well it has been designed. Compared with other mincers, it is noticeably easier to put large quantities of meat through the machine without any stalling and the mixing facility has proven to be extremely good and thorough in comparison to other brands. As we have grown as a business we have increased our sales immensely and the Thompson Mixer/Mincer has helped us to do this. Despite putting it through its paces on a daily basis, we have never been let down and we don’t see any need to replace the old girl anytime soon!’

Fairfax Meadow, Chris Jacobs, Group Operations Director And Jez Lockhart, Sausage Maker. - customise/upload/wfm/pictures/123_a.jpg

Fairfax Meadow, Chris Jacobs, Group Operations Director and Jez Lockhart, Sausage Maker.

We purchased the machine 3 weeks ago to produce both natural and collagen skin sausages within a new facility at Derby , the plan was and is to produce all small volume lines and speciality style sausages so enabling our main production unit to become more efficient.

We have always purchased the same make of machine in the past but felt we needed to look at other alternatives hence we contacted Windsor and were shown the REX system, it has now been running for 2 weeks with no issues reported . We feel that the machine is very easy to understand, uncomplicated and produces a very uniform sausage.

I know it is still very early days but it feels like a very sound purchase and we would seriously consider another purchase if volumes increased.


Chris Jacob
Group Operations Director.

Select Butchery, Hainault, Essex - customise/upload/wfm/pictures/142_a.png

Select Butchery, Hainault, Essex

Select Butchery have trusted Tim’s advice for many years now, we went to him as we know we have a great product and we needed a machine to keep the standard just as high, it truly is a MEATMASTER!!

Jack Griffin, Technical


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